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  • This exhibition PPPE 2013 very good Show. Though the visitors are limited, but high profile visitors with largers authorities in terms of purchase. We will surely participating at PHARMA Pro & Pack Expo 2014 Exhibition..!"


  • Yes. We have various customers to see the machines and the god acceptance. Since 5 - 6 years, we are already in India. But this exhibition offered good chance to display the technologies and to meet the customers with ease.

  • Since 2001, the formation of IPMMA IPMMA started, there was demand to have industry's own exhibition on pharma machineries. And with PHARMA Pro & Pack Expo 2013 exhibition, all the Members of the Association feel proud of having ownership with the show..! We found here much better and we have never felt stress or never felt that we are in exhibition. We will surely be exhibiting in 2014 at PHARMA Pro & Pack Expo.

    Chairman, Maharshi Udyog and President – IPMMA

  • It is pleasure to share the information that all the IPMMA Members exhibiting are feeling with the ownership of the show. In terms of visitor - moderate to good and, but visitors are serious trade professionals. We will be exhibiting for 2014 as well 2015 show, too..!

    Director - Pharmachine India

  • PHARMA Pro & Pack Expo 2013 Exhibition - its well done as good as any international Show..!"

    Executive Director RML Engineering Ltd. New Zealand

  • As far as the organizing is concerned, it is very nice and smooth. The quality of visitors is very good, and the most important is we got much better chance to interact with the buyers. We will be there in 2014 exhibition..!

    Director INCOME Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

  • A fantastic effort by IPMMA and GPE Expo Pvt. Ltd. Very good organization. Also good visitor profile of people who matter. Quality crowd where you remember the name of the visitor..! One to one interaction with the buyers as the attention span to every visitor remains low in large exhibition participation. First step taken is very successful step by the industry as compared to the results. As the expectations were low against the performance and the response we have got is good and this is the positive aspect which we have to take it forward.

    Managing Director, Fabtech Technologies Intl Pvt. Ltd.

  • This exhibition was very profitable for us as most of all the top pharma companies attended the show. We have got top quality inquiries. Indian pharma market is for for high quality products, the customers are smart and qualified and they know what thee require. The Exhibition - PHARMA Pro & Pack Expo 2013 has remained quite useful, and surely exhibiting in 2014.!"

    BOSSAR Packaging, S.A., Spain

  • We are new for India to launch 100 years old invention of Italy. This exhibition has remained very useful for us as the Exhibition is full of interested customers and no time looser. Really best opportunity to open up the market in India for us..! We will be exhibiting in 2014..!"

    Bram-Cor S.P.A., Italy

  • PHARMA Pro & Pack Expo 2013 - good experience with good quality crowd of the decision makers visited us with their genuine requirements, too..! This Exhibition will become more informative in coming years. In 2014, surely looking for bigger space as the better show.

    GM (Sales – Global Markets), Kevin Process Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

  • the PHARMA Pro & Pack Expo 2013 has remained very busy event with great surprise to have such good quality attendance of the buyers and decision makers. Company has received an excellent acceptance and has good number of inquiries with record sales during the Show time itself..! Charles Ischi AG definitely will be exhibiting in 2014 Exhibition of PHARMA Pro & Pack Expo.

    Charles Ischi AG, Switzerland

  • I was excited with the successful attendance of high quality buyers who attended the show as this was the unique platform to meet the Indian customers directly.

    President, Elizabeth Carbide Die Co., USA

  • For the first time, I find this is exhibition is very nice even it is happening for the first time as lot of decision makers are visiting us at our booth. At the same time, it is not overcrowded and you find time and space to meet the buyers to understand their needs as compared to other international show, where people are continuously coming and you miss the buyers

    ROTA Verpackungstechnik GmbH & Co. KG, Germany

  • Feel that PHARMA Pro & Pack Expo 2013 exhibition is surely growing with its launch itself and the response is good, therefore, they will be joining again in year 2014 as exhibitor.

    Sky Softgel Co. Ltd., Korea

  • We found this exhibition as very useful platform to update the new technologies at ne place and happy to know that being organized by industry itself. PHARMA Pro & Pack Expo 2014 show certainly will be helpful to the industry..!

    GM - Engineering Alkem Laboratories Ltd.

  • The quality was quite good and we are very happy to introduce our new products during PHARMA Pro & Pack Expo 2013, Mumbai exhibition. We would be exhibiting again in 2014..!

    Skan AG, Switzerland

  • First attempt is very good and reasonably good response. In coming years Show will be recognized and will going to be premier show..!"

    Director Pharmalab India Pvt. Ltd.

  • congratulated IPMMA and GPE Expo Pvt. Ltd. for organizing such meaningful and landmark Show for the first time. He believed that in coming years, the Exhibition will grow with more and more potential buyers and also exhibiting companies, too.

    Chairman & MD, Harikrushna Machinetech Pvt. Ltd.

  • This is the best thing happened for the pharma machinery manufacturers. PHARMA Pro & Pack Expo 2013 is going to happen the biggest show in pharma manufacturers space, and we are fortunate and honoured to be a part of such important show." He has confirmed his participation for year 2014 and subsequent years.

    Director, GMP Technical Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

  • The exhibition organized by IPMMA for the first time is very well organized and we had good quality of visitors and expect good business. Looking forward to meeting you in PHARMA Pro & Pack Expo 2014 show.!

    Director Liquipack

  • The quality of visitors at PHARMA Pro & Pack Expo 2013 was better than expected. Quality people visited and we are happy with the gathering. More foreign buyers visited than what we had expected. We definitely would like to come back at PHARMA Pro & Pack Expo 2014 to participate with bigger space..!

    Managing Director Erweka India Pvt. Ltd.

  • I feel the Exhibition is quite promising and turn out what we have experienced during the first 2 days of the show and is mind boggling..! In coming years, this event will surely become a big big event in India and industry. I must congrats the Organizers and thanks for such good organization. We are joining in 2014..!

    Director Saan Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

  • Everything is excellent even though as being the first show of the industry.. The business environment and the quality visitors will bring us back to 2014 exhibition..!

    Managing Director Precikot Pharma Pvt. Ltd.

  • This was maiden attempt of IPMMA with GPE. Even though being the first show, it has remained very good show for us and quite well organized Exhibition. We look forward to more and more potential shows. A being IPMMA members we are putting forward for the improvement of the Show..

    Director NPM Machinery Pvt. Ltd.

  • Exhibition is good and organizing of the event is very good as compared to other exhibitions. This exhibition has given us good exposure to pharma industry and we got new clients and prospect.. So sure we look forward to participating in the future PHARMA Pro & Pack Expo Exhibitions

    Enercon Asia Pacific Systems Pvt. Ltd.

  • This is first time happening and organization is very good. We had excellent quality trade visitors at our booth. We will be definitely exhibiting at 2014.

    Managing Director TSA Process Equipments Pvt. Ltd.

  • PHARMA Pro & Pack Expo 2013 is very good effort to organize such good quality exhibition. Visitors' profile is excellent and the response is beyond our expectations..! In 2014, we are looking forward with bigger space.

    Director FLUIDPACK

  • The profile of visitors are of very good quality. We are exhibiting in 2014..!

    Directors Propack Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

  • Many congratulation to Congrats to IPMMA..! The response is good and we have already reserved the exhibit space for the 2014 exhibition at PHARMA Pro & Pack Expo 2014.

    Director Kamal (E) Industries

  • We found this exhibition as very useful platform to update the new technologies at ne place and happy to know that being organized by industry itself. PHARMA Pro&Pack Expo 2014 show certainly will be helpful to the industry..!

    GM - Engineering Alkem Laboratories Ltd.

  • The amount of pharma manufacturers in India are large and they are in higher demand of various machines. Excellent quality visitors at PHARMA Pro & Pack Expo 2013 Exhibition..!

    Gebryder Lodgie Maschinenbau GmbH

  • We are much happy with the capabilities of the Show Organizers, and we are happy with the participating and also good quality visitors attended us at our booth during the exhibition. We will be exhibiting with bigger exhibiting area in next Show of PHARMA Pro & Pack Expo.

    Director Pharmatech Process Equipments

  • For a long period industry should have its own Show and we should invest in our show. We will be there in PHARMA Pro & Pack Expo 2014 Exhibition..!

    Director NKP Pharma Pvt. Ltd.

  • As an Exhibiting company, we are very much satisfied with the show. It is well organized with overall very good facilities. An excellent business platform.! We have got buyers from African countries. There is very good response and we have given booking for repeat participation..!

    Director Captech Engineers

  • We are happy about this Exhibition and finding good things. Show is encouraging to us, as being the first show and such good response..! Visitors are there as we are expecting and encouraging. We are surely exhibiting in 2014 with larger space and the show will be more successful.

    Director Progressive Instruments

  • Good show and its first time but with many visitor. We should continue this show for longer period. Quality visitors are coming. Not too much of rush as only genuine visitors are attending the show where in we can spend more time and we can answer their queries. We will be there in 2014..!

    Director Anchor Mark Pvt. Ltd.

  • Quality of visitors was extremely good at PHARMA Pro & Pack Expo 2013..! We have converted good business in 3 days. Also the promotion activities to invite customers are very good and we will be exhibition again at PHARMA Pro & Pack Expo 2014.

    Managing Director Wraptech Machines Pvt. Ltd.

  • PHARMA Pro & Pack Expo 2013 Exhibition organized very well. The quality of the visitors is also good. This is our first exposure to pharma segment and expecting good response from this exhibition.

    Repute Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

  • This exhibition was very good in terms of good visitors for domestic market. Overall quality of the organizing the show of international standards. We will be participating with larger space in 2014.

    Director, Mechtek

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